A comprehensive guide to the most common timber terms from A to Z.


  • Absolute Humidity

    The amount of moisture in air. It is usually expressed as the weight of water vapour in a unit weight of dry air Relative - At a given temperature, this is the amount of moisture in air as a percentage of the maximum moisture carrying capacity of the air.

  • Abutment

    The support structure at either end of an arch or bridge. The intermediary supports are called piers.

  • Across the grain

    The direction at right angles to the length of the fibres and other longitudinal elements of the wood.

  • Adhesive

    A substance used to bond two surfaces together.

  • Agenda 21

    Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action for achieving sustainable development in the 21st century. It includes a wide range of economic, social and environmental factors that affect sustainable development. Chapter 11 of Agenda 21, the major output of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, 1992, deals specifically with forestry issues.

  • Air-dried timber

    Timber that is dried by exposure to air in a yard or shed, without artificial heat (also see seasoning).

  • Air Velocity

    The velocity of air in the passages between rows of boards in a rack.

  • Along The Grain

    The direction parallel with the length of the fibres and other longitudinal elements of the wood.

  • Anchor Bolt

    A device for connecting timber members to concrete or masonry

  • Anemometer

    Instrument for measuring velocity of airflow.

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