Sustainability is one of the guiding principles in the use of timber across a range of structural, exterior and interior applications in the buildings that are featured on WoodSolutions. More than anything, these projects and those behind them recognise the potential of timber as the only truly renewable and sustainable building material.

So what makes building with timber sustainable?
A large part of the answer lies in timber's low embodied energy - that is, minimal non-renewable energy is consumed in the production of and construction with timber. Timber also has inherent thermal properties, meaning timber structures rely less on carbon-emitting heating and cooling devices. And timber has natural durability, with many Australian hardwoods having an above ground life of 50+ years, meaning less energy is consumed in maintenance, demolition and new construction. Add to this timber's recyclability, the fact that it stores carbon for life, and a high aesthetic quality, and you have a building material that begs the question - why not specify timber for your next design or building project?

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