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Acoustics, environmental impact, building in bushfire prone areas and compliance with building codes are just some of the issues architects, designers, engineers and specifiers need to consider.

The following articles provide information and further investigation on some of the more common issues affecting timber structures and their surrounding environments.

  • EXPAN Technology One Engineered Wood and EXPAN Solutions

    Professor Andy Buchanan discusses innovative EXPAN technology and engineered wood products in five fascinating and informative videos. This video, approximately 6:40 minutes in duration, EXPAN Technology One Engineered Wood & EXPAN Solutions includes: • case studies • timber/concrete composite floors • prefab and cast in place floors Other videos from this presentation are: Two: Multi-storey Timber Buildings: Floors Three: Multi-storey Timber Buildings: Frames & Walls Four: The Advantages of EXPAN Five: Rebuilding Christchurch

  • Commercial structures

    Information on the use of timber for commercial structures.

  • February 2012

    In case you missed it - here's the WoodSolutions February 2012 newsletter.

  • Environmental timber housing

    Environmentally friendly housing design principles using traditional timber construction aid informed decision making by designers, architects, builders, developers, home buyers and building authorities.

  • Machine proof-grading

    Proof-grading begins with the preliminary sorting of ungraded timber being produced by the mill. Machine proof-grading then will further test every piece of sorted timber by the application of a predetermined bending load, known as the proof load.

  • Environmental benefits of building with timber

    Construction design can contribute greatly to maximising comfort and to minimising non-renewable energy consumption. Timber frame buildings are now being designed to meet low energy construction standards, as timber has a high standard of thermal comfort while consuming minimal non-renewable energy.

  • Environmental considerations for timber design - Overview

    A look at some of the environmental requirements, guidelines and considerations for designing and building with timber.

  • AS 1684 User Guide no. 10 - Distribution of racking forces

    AS 1684 User Guide 10 - Distribution of racking forces via diaphragms and bracing walls

  • Timber maintenance

    Maintenance affects all who use timber in buildings. Designers, architects, engineers and drafting staff need to ensure that the elements specified can be maintained effectively and inexpensively. They need to give some thought as to how it can be maintained. Builders need to use details that minimise contact between moisture and the wood, and are easy to inspect and repaint. Building owners, servicemen and maintenance trades need to take care of barriers and regularly inspect and touch-up timber elements and their protection.

  • Sept 2013 - Essential Timber Residential Design Seminar ACT NSW

    This free seminar with presentations from industry experts will explore how timber may be better used in residential buildings. Canberra 4-9-13, Paramatta 5-9-13

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