Design Advantages

The design advantages of working with wood are as extensive as they are varied. From the Australian Timber Design Awards that showcase aesthetically wowing timber based designs, to nine-storey timber construction that utilises the latest wood engineering innovation, it is clear that while timber may be described as many things, boring certainly isn't one of them.

In Design Advantages, WoodSolutions takes a look at the contemporary uses and applications of wood, showing exactly why wood is the building material of today and tomorrow.

  • Aesthetic appeal

    The aesthetic appeal of timber based construction is seeing demand for innovative timber designs continually increase. And it is these creative, aesthetically focused timber designs that are showcased each year by the Australian Timber Design Awards.

  • Innovative products

    The possible applications of timber are as unique as they are varied. Engineered wood products are leading the innovation charge, creating wooden structures that are strong, beautiful and original.

  • Manufacturing efficiency and flexibility

    Timber offers a viable and cost effective alternative to all major building material choices. Discover more about the benefits of building with timber.

  • Range of applications

    The versatility of timber is no better demonstrated that in the range of applications it lends itself to. The possibilities with timber are limited only by imagination.