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  • Acoustic performance

    Not only aesthetically pleasing, timber also provides excellent acoustic properties, with many high-end architectural projects featuring internal timber applications.

  • Durability - protection

    Information on how to protect timber and increase durability.

  • International Achievements In Glulam Structures - Owen Griffiths

    View the presentation delivered at the WoodSolutions 2010 Seminar by Owen Griffiths

  • LVL and LSL engineered materials

    Information on LVL and LSL engineered structural materials.

  • Mass Timber in Commercial and Multi-Residential

    This page contains pdf versions of presentations given at the WoodSolutions seminars held in Canberra on 3rd June, Adelaide on 4th June and Sydney on 12th June.

  • Mid-Rise Timber Buildings Design Guides

    In 2016 changes to the National Construction Code made it easier to use timber framing and massive timber systems in Mid-rise Timber Buildings – Class 2, 3, and 5. These free guides explain how to do so.

  • Recycling and wood waste

    In the timber industry rarely is there such a thing as a wasted piece of wood. Learn here about some of the more unique and innovative uses of timber waste and offcuts.

  • Strength performance

    Timber’s superior strength qualities provide a versatile building material best utilised for structural applications - from beams, walls and flooring through to formwork and large timber panels.

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