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The 2018 National Architecture Conference will take place 6 – 8 June 2018 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. On Wednesday 6 June, fringe and social activities will take place including the official opening party. For details on the other exciting fringe events, visit the events page. On Thursday 7 June and Friday 8 June, the main conference sessions will be in Arena A at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

There is a strong connection between Australians & the EDGE of our continent. Nearly 90% of our population lives within 50km of the coastline. This trend isn’t only occurring in Australia. In most countries, coastal cities are increasing in population far quicker than non-coastal regions. This migration is changing the composition of these cities more dramatically than traditional organic growth.

But this change isn’t only physical. Australia sits on the EDGE of Asia – the global region where change is happening faster than anywhere else. The increased presence of Asia on the world stage is culturally changing the dynamic of Australian cities as it is doing in many countries

But being on the EDGE also means a greater exposure to the changes that result from climate change. The predicted sea level rises & increased power & frequency of extreme weather conditions are a more immediate challenge for coastal communities as the impacts will be felt more immediately & by more people.

Architects both here in Australia & overseas are intrinsically involved in this physical & cultural change. Through our ability to impact on the quality of life in these cities by creating engaging, responsive & exciting spaces, architects have a central role in shaping the responses to these changes.

The conference will look at responses to these changes both within Australia & overseas. Presentations will not only be by architects but also include our allied professions to discuss the major priorities for these cities on the EDGE – social, cultural & physical. How are these cites adapting to the changes that are happening.

Speakers will be encouraged to not only present their works as architects but to also place their projects in the wider context of the coastal & cultural environments where they exist.

When: 6 – 8 June 2018

Where: Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Registration:  http://wp.architecture.com.au/edge/registration/

More information: http://wp.architecture.com.au/edge/

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