A•LAVA is a design and construction project realized by the Wood Program at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2016 - 2017.
Project Name
A-Lava: A summer stage for Annantalo
Case Study Type

30 Annankatu
00100 Helsinki



This project consists of a summer stage for Annantalo, an art center for young people and families in Helsinki, to perform in public during the summer season.The design started in December 2016 and is now built in the yard of Annantalo, in the center of Helsinki.

Situated in the yard of Annantalo, the pavilion is based on a square shape plan, and a variation of triangular shapes that determine the walls and opening of the stage. The roof follows the same principles, raising up to emphasize the location of the stage. Tilted from the city grid, the building shows itself as a singularity in the urban fabric, both in its volume and its materiality.

60.1678971, 24.9347973

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