Lego like building in Jindabyne

The Jindabyne project is a case study of the construction of prototype ecokit house using innovative construction system developed for high performing, energy efficient homes out of box.
Project Name
Building a prototype ecokit home
Case Study Type

Avonside Road
Avonside NSW 2628



Ecokit was appointed to design, manufacture and deliver two cabins for eco-tourist accommodation compliant with the eco-farm values.

The main criteria for the client were short time of building (up to 2 months), no use of heavy machinery, top quality healthy building materials. Minimal operating costs and positive environmental impact were also high on the agenda.

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The structure for ecokit home is digitally manufactured from structural plywood and LVL. A BIM model called digital twin is created, utilizing a library of standardised components, a custom components can also be created. 

The structure is comprising of portal frame, assembled on the ground, erected and fixed into its position. A prefabricated panels are then installed to assured additinal lateral strength of the structure. 

The final construction of the walls and roof is about 300mm thick, with about 240mm of blown-in insulation. On the interior, the Intello membrane is installed to form the airtight layer, on the exterior ProClima Mento membrane has been used.


Colorbond roof was the chosen product for the roofing material. The clading is made out of natural, untreated siberian larch.

All windows and sliding doors were imported from Czech Republic where they were custom made. Windows were all double glazing, energy efficient units with Tilt & Turn hardware, while the sliding door were timber / aluminium Lift & Slide units.

All skylights were triple glazed, premium units supplied by Velux. We have opted for Velux Integra products, with embedded sensors for automated ventilation.


Interior has been completed by the client according to interior design clreated by ecokit homes. All materials and paints in the interior are low VOC.

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