Darwin Seminar: Designing & building with wood

Darwin Seminar: Designing & building with wood

Seminar invitation 

Vibe Hotel , Darwin Waterfront, 7 Kitchener Drive, Darwin City Waterfront, NT Wednesday 27th July 2011, 7.30 am - 11.30 am approx. Breakfast and morning tea provided.  RSVP by Wednesday 20th July to info@woodsolutions.com.au

For more details please contact Neva Law on 0405 772 700.

You're invited to an inspiring, informative seminar about specifying and using timber in the built environment. The morning is hosted by WoodSolutions, a non-proprietary information source supported by the Australian forest and wood products industry.


Understanding influences on timber service life - design for durability

Speaker: Dr. Geoff Boughton
Director, TimberED Services
Design life of timber elements is influenced by many different parameters, many of which can be
controlled at the design stage. Understanding the roles of climate, location, exposure of elements can assist in assigning the correct hazard class for the application. Similarly, understanding natural
durability of timber, treatment options, and good design practices can influence the way in which
timber elements respond to the presence of hazards. This presentation outlines some tools you can use in the design process to ensure that timber meets service life expectations.

Fast and affordable housing delivery using pre-fabricated timber panels

Speaker: George Dolezal
Market Engineer, Building Solutions, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia
Affordability and construction times are two major factors contributing to Australia's housing shortfall.
These are exacerbated by other issues such as a lack of skilled tradespeople and logistics when sites are located in regional or remote areas. Carter Holt Harvey, Australia's largest wood products supplier, has taken a step to solve this through the Panelised Building System (PBS). Using pre-fabricated wood panels for fast construction times, the PBS combines design flexibility and construction advantages. Timber treatment and engineering solutions are incorporated to provide an efficient, durable structure. A case study of the first home constructed in Darwin demonstrates the benefits of PBS.

Constructing buildings to resist cyclones - the experience in Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Speaker: Dr. Geoff Boughton
Director, TimberED Services
Early on 3rd February 2011 Tropical Cyclone Yasi crossed the Queensland Coast near South Mission
Beach. As a result of the building damage, the people of the Cassowary Coast of Queensland will be
undertaking structural and other repairs for at least the remainder of this year. Dr Boughton led an
investigation by the Cyclone Testing Station into the damage caused by wind and by storm surge. They studied nearly 2000 buildings in the region that experienced the highest winds. They estimated that the wind speeds in the communities studied was just less than the design wind speed, so the study was able to evaluate the systems that performed well and isolate those that did not. The paper focuses on the findings from this study with an emphasis on timber construction.

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Geoff Boughton, Director, TimberED Services
Geoff is the director of TimberED Services, a consultancy that specialises in timber engineering. He worked as a research fellow in the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University and is currently an adjunct Associate Professor in Structural Engineering at that university. He teaches in the areas of wind loads on buildings and timber structural design and has also worked extensively on both
Australian and International timber standards.

George Dolezal, Market Engineer, Building Solutions, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia
George has over 12 years experience in the design and construction of both residential and commercial timber buildings. Included in this has been design of specialised timber components, installation certification of timber structures, and conceptualisation/development of new wood based building systems.

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