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In our opinion tile battens and/or roof battens are definitely part of the roof structure. That is why timber roof battens are included in the span tables in Australian Standard 1684, along with rafters, ceiling joists and other roofing members. Your building inspector may consider roof battens are not part of the roof structure because they are often supplied by the roofing company, rather than the timber supplier. And, of course, if the battens are steel rather than timber they may come as a package with the roofing material. However, whether they are part of the roof structure or part of the roof cover seems to be splitting hairs. They have a structural function no matter who supplies them, or what material they are made of. 


On a residential home when talking about the roof batten is it classed as part of the roof frame/structure?
I have spoken to the Australian building codes board who sent me this response:

On 27 Apr 2020, at 1:24 pm, NCC wrote:

Further to your question about roof battens, please refer to Clause 7.3.15 of AS 1684.2:2010 Residential timber-framed construction – Non-cyclonic areas. This clause provides the method of determining the size of timber roof battens, by reference to Span Table 32 for battens supporting roofing loads only for spans up to 1200 mm.
Australian Building Codes Board

He stated on the phone that the battens are 100% a part of the roof frame and structure but they are unable to put it in to writing, but obviously nice enough to email this to show his view.

There is several sections in the Australian standards that provide evidence of the battens being a part of the roof structure, however there is a certain group of building inspectors attempting to manipulate the wording and have it believed they are part of the roof cover rather than the roof framing/structure. Is this something you could confirm officially in writing to me via email it would be much appreciated.>

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