Mid-rise Timber Masterclass - Glue Laminated Timber

19 Nov 2020

Hyne Timber is one of Australia’s largest producers of sawn timber products, a leader in preservative treatments and an iconic supplier to the Australian construction industry. Hyne Timber's Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) Plant is located in Maryborough, Queensland. Stefan Gerber presents an overview of GLT, the manufacturing process, products and properties, applications as well as poduct documentation and specification.


Engineering & Sales Manager GLT, Hyne Timber, Stefan is responsible for engineering and sales of Hyne Timber’s Glue Laminated Timber business. He has undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in timber engineering and management and previously occupied roles in engineering, sales and project management for international construction supply companies in Switzerland and Australia.

Beginning his career in the European tradition, with an apprenticeship in joinery, Stefan discovered a passion for timber that took him from Switzerland to Australia to work as a research scientist before he branched out into the commercial sector.


2:23 What is Glue Laminated Timber?

3:59 Manufacturing process

11:30 Products, uses and properties

27:11 Applications

31:14 Product documentation and specification

32:18 Q&A


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