Best Of Timber Talks – Sustainability and Wellness

12 Feb 2021

To begin Season 4, we’re going to be doing a best of series for the next 4 weeks. Today, we’ll be looking at the best moments in Timber Talks so far, on the topics of sustainability and wellness. In this episode you’ll hear from:

  • Davina Rooney - CEO at GBCA on keeping on target mitigating global warming risks

  • Ken Morrison - CEO of The Property Council Aus on the forward trajectory of the construction code to improve base standard construction quality for emissions reductions

  • Andrew Waugh - founder WTA on the impact of material choices

  • Ulrich Dangel - Associate Professor at the University of Texas and author of A Turning Point In Timber Construction, on sustainable forest management

  • Stephen Mitchell - Principal Consultant at Thinkstep on the end of life options for timber

  • Kate Nason - Environmental Designer at Atelier Ten on Prefabrication and Passivhaus

  • Jack Noonan - VP at the International Well Building Institute on the impact of architecture on health

  • Marie-France Stendahlf - Head Of Business Development at White Architecture Canada on using architecture as medicine

  • Caroline Pidcock - Director at Pidcock Designs on material connection to nature in the biophilic design framework

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