Case Study: Pingelly Cultural Centre - Patrick Beale and Finn Pedersen

05 Nov 2020

The Pingelly Recreation & Cultural Centre, located at Pingelly, WA, is a multi-award winning project including the George Temple Poole Award at the AIA 2020 WA Architecture Awards, along with the Wallace Greenham Award for Sustainable Architecture. It is described as a beautifully detailed, technically innovative, sustainable timber building, crafted with prefabricated engineered timber built in a remote regional WA community. The architectural and engineering design process revolved around the efficient use of timber as a resource, and the minimisation of waste in processing. The driving principle of the design was a no-frills building optimising the design span capability of timber internally, while using sawn timber cladding externally installed to function efficiently as well as look beautiful. Its central gymnasium and sports hall is a large portal structure.


Patrick Beale, Director of Advance Timber Concepts Studio  @ATC Studio

Patrick Beale is the Director of Advance Timber Concepts Studio – ATC Studio, a design practice specialising in engineered timber design, prefabrication, construction and research and the appropriate use of native Australian and plantation timber. Patrick studied architecture at the Architectural Association School in London, and has taught and practices architecture in England, France, Qatar, the USA and Australia. Patrick was formerly Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at UWA and Director of the ATC Research Program and has served on the RAIA Chapter Council and Education Committee. Patrick is a passionate supporter of the appropriate and properly informed use of timber in design and construction at all scales, and in the use of digitally driven technologies in the fabrication of timber buildings.

Finn Pedersen, Founding Director of Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects @IPH

Finn Pedersen is a Founding director of Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects, an internationally acclaimed design practice based in Perth and Melbourne.  Finn has over 25 years experience in architectural design, behind IPH’s reputation for design excellence and innovative approach across a broad range of projects that are underpinned by critical thinking, stakeholder engagement and comprehensive project research.


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