External Use of Timber - Dr Alastair Woodard

02 Dec 2020

Timber is today commonly used in a wide range of external applications: structural, cladding, decking, screening, boardwalks, jetties, fencing, and landscaping amongst others. For appropriate long-term performance careful consideration is needed of the appropriate specification of timber properties, durability performance, preservation or finishing treatment needs, and design detailing.

This presentation discusses these important external timber use issues, particularly with reference to the key sections of the WoodSolutions Technical Design Guide No5 Timber Service Life Design; one of the most popular and regularly downloaded WS tech guides.

Speaker: Dr Alastair Woodard

An engineer wth postgraduate qualifications, Alastair Woodard delivers a range of timber focussed programs. These include the Victorian WoodSolutions technical presentation program, providing information on timber and wood products to professionals and companies involved in building design and construction, and the WoodSolutions Tertiary Education program, supporting and encouraging the inclusion of wood related subjects in university and TAFE courses. Alastair has extensive experience in new timber product/market development and technical timber promotion, with a particular interest in the design and development of new and innovative timber building construction systems and environmentally sustainable building materials.

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