Pathway to Net Zero Carbon – the Role of Timber and the Passive House Standard - Kate Nason

17 Nov 2020

Buildings are responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions globally and with the overarching goal of reaching Net Zero Carbon by 2050, we must leverage all opportunities available to us to curb this number. We must also ensure our building stock is resilient to the shocks and stresses caused by climate change, ensuring occupants not only survive, but can also thrive within them. This webinar will provide insights into some possible solutions to this challenge, focussing specifically on the role that timber and the Passive House Standard can play.

An overview of the fundamentals of Passive House (PH) principles will be covered along with what performance uplift and energy savings can be expected compared to code. It will also dive into how timber can be utilised to ‘fast-track’ a building towards PH compliance. Finally, some inspiring case studies will be presented from Australia and around the world, which demonstrate how PH and timber construction are being combined to reach our net zero carbon target well before 2050.


Kate Nason is a passionate advocate of high-performance, healthy and resilient buildings. With a background as an architect (ARBV) she has worked across multiple low-energy buildings including Certified Passive House projects such as the Monash Gillies Hall and several single residential homes utilising low carbon prefabricated construction systems. She is a certified Passive House Designer (PHI), Green Star Accredited Professional and Board Director at the Australian Passive House Association. She now holds the role of environmental designer with the international environmental engineering firm, Atelier Ten.


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