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Ligna Exhibtion - World's largest exhibition for wood related machinery (Germany)

When: 22 May 2017 - 26 May 2017
Where: ACT Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Messegelände, 30521 Hannover, Germany
Link: http://www.ligna.de/home
RSVP Link: http://www.ligna.de/en/register-plan/for-visitors/tickets/
Contact Link: http://www.ligna.de/en/contact/
Event Category: Conference

LIGNA, the world’s leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industry, is gearing up for its 2017 season (22 to 26 May) with a new, more visitor-centric layout of themes. The significance of the new layout for the primary timber industry is that the Forestry Technology displays will be located immediately adjacent to the Sawmill Technology , Energy from Wood , and Wood Based Panel Production offerings. They will also be bordered by the new Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production showcase, which includes Hall 27, where the providers of solutions for solid wood processing will be clustered. This new distribution of content in the halls bordering the open-air site will generate powerful synergies for visitors from the primary timber industry and put forestry technology on center stage. The Forestry Technology section will sport a number of new features. The open-air site will sport various "avenues" addressing key aspects of the production chain. Plus there will be a demonstration site at the heart of the area and an activity zone in front of Pavilion 33.
Automation in the furniture industry
This is the domain of "Industry 4.0" – the science of staying ahead of the competition by having intelligent, integrated and technologically sophisticated production and logistics processes.
It's an increasingly important fact of modern life in all process-intensive industries such as furniture manufacturing, which is already one of the most heavily automated industries out there.
LIGNA 2015 is therefore putting a major spotlight on a whole range of innovative ideas and solutions for tailoring the integrated manufacturing paradigm of "Industry 4.0" to industries that process and work with wood.
Surface Technology
LIGNA's Surface Technology display area features a comprehensive lineup of finishing technologies for a wide variety of materials, including solid wood, reconstituted wood and composites.
Wet coating systems featuring the full range of sanding and polishing processes, film coating systems, profile wrapping systems and direct printing solutions are among the most prominent exhibits. From tradespeople looking for handheld spray guns to industrial-scale manufacturers scoping out the latest single pass digital printing machines – decision makers from all parts of the spectrum visit Surface Technology to learn more about the solutions that meet their specific needs.
2017 will mark the first time that LIGNA features surface technology in a special display. The display will be strategically located in Hall 17, right at the crossroads between wood-based panels manufacturing and finishing technology exhibits.
Wood Based Panel Production
When it comes to exhibits of primary timber processing technology, LIGNA distinguishes between two sectors – the sawmilling sector and the panel products sector.
A large and highly international line-up of exhibitors will be presenting the full spectrum of panel and veneer production technologies, including all the latest high-efficiency and resource-saving steaming, peeling/slicing, sawing and cutting systems.
How long should logs be cooked for before processing? Is steaming logs preferable to cooking them directly in water? What are the more resource-efficient veneer production methods? Industry professionals will find the answers to these questions and many more in Hall 26 at this year’s LIGNA.
Sawmill Technology
Second major display category within the primary timber processing sector
Sawmill technology is the second major display category within the primary timber processing sector. At the upcoming LIGNA fair, the sawmill technology exhibits will be located in Hall 25, right next to the thematically related wood-based panel production and "Energy from Wood" displays in Hall 26.
Energy from Wood
This display area will showcase all the latest technologies concerned with converting wood into energy – whether this energy is used to power processing operations within the wood industry or converted to heat and/or electricity for other uses.
Since self-generated energy is an integral part of the panel products industry, as from next year, exhibits of panel products manufacturing technology and wood-based energy generation solutions will be co-located in Hall 26.
Sawmill technology exhibits will be located in the adjoining Hall 25 and the open-air site, which is also in the immediate vicinity of Hall 26, will feature additional aspects of wood-based energy generation.
Machine Components and Automation Technology
Automation technology has become well established in the wood and furniture industries worldwide and across all company sizes.
By the same token, integrated production has long been a key focus of LIGNA. To further raise the profile of this critical and fast evolving field of technology, LIGNA’s organizers have created a dedicated display area for machine components and automation technology, which will debut at the next fair in 2017.
Electrical automation, data integration and automation software will be among the most prominent technologies on show in Hall 16, which is located right at the interface between the surface technology exhibits in Hall 17 and the finishing technology exhibits in Hall 15.
Forestry Technology
The open-air site at LIGNA 2017 will once again be dedicated to large-scale exhibits of forestry technology.
Visitors can expect to see the full range of solutions for turning standing trees into raw material that is ready for further processing or for use as an energy source. The exhibits will cover everything from harvesting planning and harvesting operations to log recovery and transport, mobile sawmills and wheel loaders for log yards.
Particular synergies exist with the sawmill technology exhibits in the adjoining Hall 25 and the wood-based panel production and “Energy from Wood” exhibits in the nearby Hall 26.
As in previous years, the pavilions under the EXPO canopy will feature a number of group displays that provide detailed coverage of topical forestry issues.
Date: 22 - 26 May 2017 
Opening Hours: Daily, 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m 
Venue: Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Messegelände, 30521 Hannover, Using a navigation system? Please enter "Hermesallee".
Tickets: http://www.ligna.de/en/register-plan/for-visitors/tickets/
Directions: http://www.ligna.de/en/register-plan/for-visitors/travel/
Accommodation: http://www.ligna.de/en/register-plan/for-visitors/stay/