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Timber Construction Fundamentals & Advanced Mid-Rise Fire Engineering (TAS)

When: 1 May 2017
Where: TAS Rydges Hobart 393 Argyle Street Hobart, TAS 7000 AUSTRALIA
Cost: Various
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Event Category: Seminar

This seminar will assist anyone wishing to update their skills related to timber frame construction for all classes of building and provides an opportunity to refresh your knowledge on the background to the Mid-rise Timber Buildings provision changes for Class 2, 3 and 5 Buildings, which have been adopted by Australian States and Territories as of 1 May 2016.
The following topics will be covered:
Timber Products and Building Systems
This presentation provides a detailed overview the current array of timber building products and systems being used today in residential construction and the new and emerging mid-rise timber market sector. Products and systems covered include: sawn and manufactured wood products such as Glulam, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), cross-laminated timber (CLT), post-tensioned timber beams, post-tensioned timber frames, timber-concrete composites and prefabricated timber systems. A range of local & international apartment & commercial timber building exemplars are also provided to illustrate these products and systems usage.
Designing for Durability
Designing for long term durability is a key issue in utilising timber products to maximise performance and reduce ongoing risks. This presentation sets out a clear design process for durability design (the result of many years of experience, field trials and predictive modelling), and provides guidance on methods to increase the service life of wood products used in Australia. It includes consideration of the different durability issues: decay, insects, corrosion, weathering and chemical degradation and how to design and protect in each of these instances.
NCC 2016 Mid-rise Provisions in Review, Fire Engineering Approach & Practical Implementation
The final three sessions of the seminar by Paul England and Boris Iskra, ‘NCC 2016 Mid-Rise Provisions in Review’, ‘Fire Engineering Approach’ and ‘Practical Implementation’ will provide an opportunity to refresh your knowledge of the background to the 2016 Mid-rise Timber Buildings provision changes for Class 2, 3 and 5 Buildings. These presentations will cover the fire engineering design brief assumptions, data requirements and performance benchmarks necessary to demonstrate the adequacy of mid-rise timber construction.

This seminar will provide those Building Surveyors who are responsible for inspection of mid-rise timber construction projects with key knowledge necessary to ensure compliance is achieved as well as those responsible for assessment of such proposals with the tools needed to confidently tackle these proposals.

This will be an important session for anyone involved in the inspection or approval of timber framed buildings and also those that may become involved in the assessment or inspection of mid-rise timber construction.

Please note that reference will be made to the following new WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides relevant to Mid-Rise Timber Buildings which are available to download here: 
#20 Fire Precautions during Construction of Large Buildings
#37 Mid-rise Timber Buildings – Class 2, 3 and 5 Buildings
#38 Fire Safety Design of Mid-rise Timber Buildings – Basis for the 2016 changes to the National Construction Code

About the Speakers:

Boris Iskra
BE (Civil), Grad Dip. Building Fire Safety & Risk Engineering
Boris Iskra has an extensive understanding of the Australian forest and wood products sector with over 25 years of direct involvement.
He is the National Manager – Codes & Standards for Forest & Wood Products Australia where his role is to coordinate the development and review of Australian timber standards, and associated building standards and codes, on behalf of the National timber industry.
He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Structural) degree and a Graduate Diploma in Building Fire Safety and Risk Engineering.
Paul England
BSc (Civil Eng.), Grad Dip. Building Fire Safety & Risk Engineering
Paul has worked in the fire sector for over 35 years in a range of roles including founding Warrington Fire in Australia (now part of the Exova Group).
Currently the Manager Director at EFT Consulting (Fire and Risk Consultants) where he carried out the fire engineering analysis underpinning the changes to the NCC to permit mid-rise timber buildings.

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