Fewings Joinery Pty Ltd

Business Type

Wholesale/Trade sales

Service Categories

Coatings & treatments
Engineered timber fabrication
Joinery & cabinet making


<p>Fewings Joinery is equipped with fully trained staff to advise on all applicable Standards, Thermal Rating and Glazing requirements.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Other finished products Fewings&nbsp;provide include:</p><ul><li>Gates</li><li>Double Glazed Items/Window &amp; Doors</li><li>Timber Veneers Kitchens and Cabinetry</li><li>Timber and Veneer detailed Furniture</li><li>Heritage and Replica work</li><li>Screen - Fly - timber</li><li>Busfire windows and doors to BAL 29</li><li>Timber Screens</li><li>Timber Louvres/Shutters</li></ul>

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