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<p>Responsible Timber Procurement Policy<br>The global forest products industry is a diverse industry that contributes to the economic development and social well-being of rural and urban communities worldwide. We are committed to promoting sustainable forest management, to improving environmental and forestry practices and to combatting illegal logging.<br>• Our timber products are only purchased when there is accompanying documentation to prove they have been legally<br>harvested, transported and processed in accordance with National Laws.<br>• We only purchase timber from suppliers who have employed, or are in the process of employing Third Party verification<br>of legality, or environmental accreditation.<br>• We do not purchase timber products from National or International protected areas.<br>• We do not purchase nationally protected species or species listed under CITES Appendix 1.<br>• We work with our suppliers to ensure all sections of the supply chain are identifiable and accompanying documentation is correct.<br>• We work closely with government bodies of supply countries to ensure our suppliers are operating in accordance with their National laws.</p>

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