AccuRate ECO2 Module carbon calculator & life cycle analyser software

Now you can do even more to evaluate the environmental aspects of building design with AccuRate. The new ECO2 module, enables Accurate to calculate the embodied CO2 in a proposed design.

An ECO2 module has been developed for integration into AccuRate by CSIRO's National Climate Adaptation Flagship with co-investment from Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd (FWPA).

AccuRate is fully featured software developed by CSIRO for rating the energy efficiency of residential building designs.

The term "Embodied CO2" (ECO2) is defined here as the total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, expressed as CO2 equivalent, caused from resource extraction, transportation, manufacturing and fabrication of a product or system (cradle-to-factory gate). Emissions from the construction, operation & maintenance and the end of life disposal phases of the building life cycle were not included in the current ECO2 module implementation.

The ECO2 module enables AccuRate users to compare the effect on ECO2 of using different construction materials and is one step closer to using a broader life cycle approach in building sustainability assessment. Currently the ECO2 module is only available when running AccuRate in non-rating mode.

Demo and full versions of AccuRate can be downloaded from Hearne Scientific Software here.

The ECO2 module is not included with the AccuRate software. To enable ECO2 in non-rating mode, please download the following files and copy it into the lib directory.


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