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This structural engineering software, specific for mid-rise timber construction in Australia, has been developed through ACRO-TIM, a 12-month collaborative R&D project involving 7 partners: Forest and Wood Products Australia, MiTek, Pryda, Rothoblaas, TimberTech, Wesbeam and XLam.

The Australian free version of TimberTech is consistent with the NCC and the applicable specific Australian Standards, integrated with the calculation models used in the Eurocode 5 for some specific topics where needed.

The result is an easy and efficient design tool, based on a robust solver and an extensive set of laboratory tests of the assemblies’ characteristic strength and stiffness values, validated by both formal comparisons and and a thorough peer review process.

Variations in design alternatives can quickly be compared to determine the most efficient structural solution, early in the design process, with the generation of reports, DXF drawings and a bill of quantities for estimators.

The final report for the research project can be found here.

At present, TimberTech has the ability to:

  • model the building with a set of assumptions embedded into the computation routines (that are detailed into the design report), so the design process is particularly quick and safe
  • generate vertical and lateral loads that can be distributed based on the assumption of rigid diaphragm and flexible walls
  • use a broad material database for stud frames, massive timber and connections, with all the engineering properties for the products of the 5 companies that co-funded the research

The limitations of the current version of TimberTech include:

  • fire design
  • moment frames
  • design of other materials (steel or concrete)
  • axial shortening
  • dynamic performance of floors
  • composite action of cores

Free download:

Please complete the form below to send us your details and you will receive an email with download instructions for the current version of the software and 2 model buildings which were developed for its validation.

The system requirements for use of the software are:

 Internet Connection: 1GHz processor, RAM 512 MB . 

Operating System: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 e 64 bit)

By downloading this software you agree that you have read and approved the following Terms and Conditions of the TimberTech Software (current version):

  • TimberTech srl provides access to ‘TimberTech’ educational software (the “Software”) subject to acceptance of the following terms and conditions.
  • The Software is made available free of charge for use by the individual only and may not be copied or otherwise distributed or made available to third parties.
  • The Software may not be sold or used for any commercial purposes without the specific written permission of TimberTech srl.
  • As with any software package, there is a real risk of data damage or loss if the Software is used improperly and all users are directed to ensure that all other system configurations and data has been successfully backed up before installation or subsequent use of the Software.
  • By using the Software you expressly assume all risk of loss associated with any data loss or other damage alleged to have been caused by the Software.
  • The Software is made available specifically for educational purposes of appropriately trained timber and building industry professionals to provide indicative values for the structural performances of Engineered Wood products and building systems. All values obtained should not be used for any design application, unless approved by a qualified Structural Engineer.
  • The source code and procedures contained within the Software remains the intellectual property of TimberTech srl and may not be incorporated either in part or in full, into any other software system, decompiled or reverse engineered in any way.
  • The information contained within the Software has been developed for the specific purpose of inclusion into the Software and no liability or warranty is provided for any use or application beyond the Software.
  • No additional support or documentation is available for the Software beyond the information contained within the Software package.

Watch the introductory TimberTech tutorial:

In this video you will learn everything you need to get started, including how to set-up TimberTech, draw and define the structure, define loads and perform the analysis.

Free project advisory:

Please contact us for additional free advisory while using TimberTech for your mid-rise timber projects

Your feedback is welcome:

Your feedback is very welcome and will help us improve TimberTech and most importantly, grow the use of engineered wood products and systems in building, for a more sustainable built environment!

Contact us with your suggestions.

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