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The major national event for design, manufacture and construction of timber and mass wood buildings

The 2018 conference will focus on timber and engineered wood buildings both locally and globally, with speaker sessions on the key themes of Building Design, Technology, Manufacturing and Construction.

Speaker presentations and discussion forums will cover the broad spectrum of a pathway to design, manufacture and construct multi-residential and commercial buildings, with highlights including:

  • low carbon, energy efficient outcomes;
  • BIM and 3D design digital platforms;
  • plant automation and robotics in prefabrication;
  • integrated construction management;
  • timber and engineered wood system examples; and
  • current major building projects around Australia.

Panel sessions will include in-depth case studies of mid-rise residential dwellings utilising offsite timber frame panelised walls and cassette floors, plus high-rise apartments and commercial buildings using engineered timber construction.

Delegate tours will visit residential and commercial timber building construction sites; prefabrication and panelised manufacturing plants; and recently completed building projects that are outstanding examples of architectural and engineering design in timber structures.

This unique event is at the leading edge of knowledge and performs a pivotal role in information sharing, with delegates attending comprised of architects, engineers, property developers and builders; along with suppliers of timber and engineered wood, design software, manufacturing equipment, pre-fabricated building systems, building materials and products.

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The Monday speaker presentation and discussion forum sessions will focus on the process of design, manufacture and construction of timber buildings, with the key topics of Building Design, Technology, Manufacturing, and Construction.

Tuesday sessions will include case studies and panel discussions on building construction innovations and projects, advances in prefabricated manufacturing, and emerging digital technologies. Afternoon delegate tours will visit timber prefabrication plants, building construction sites, and inspirational timber building projects.

Following the Frame event a Timber Construction Tour to Sydney from Wednesday 20 to Friday 22 is an additional option for delegates, and bookings can be made by contacting Timber Development Association.

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Park Hyatt Melbourne, 1 Parliament Square (off Parliament Place), East Melbourne, Victoria 3002

Frame Australia brings together delegates from the following sectors:

Building design & construction

  • Architects
  • Engineers – structural, fire, acoustics.
  • Building Designers
  • Building Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Developers of medium density residential and commercial projects
  • Builders of housing and multi-residential construction projects

Timber & engineered wood

  • Producers, importers and distributors of structural timber products
  • Manufacturers and distributors of engineered wood panel products

Timber pre-fabrication

  • Prefabricators of timber frames, floor systems, and roof trusses
  • Prefabricators of panelised products and mass timber building construction
  • Suppliers of manufacturing equipment and production systems for prefabrication

Building materials supply

  • Manufacturers and distributors of building materials
  • Trade suppliers of timber and building materials


  • Professional and Industry associations
  • Universities and Educational institutions
  • Government departments and building regulators

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