Fig Tree Deck

This public deck improves the pedestrian relationship with the large, existing trees, while providing access to shade and amenities. The deck is site specific, employing a random framing solution to account for the existing root system.
Project Name
King Street and Gregory Terrace Fig tree deck
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King Street & Gregory Terrace
Bowen Hills QLD 4006



The deck was designed to give improved access to shade and amenity under a large fig in a key location of the revitalised Brisbane Showgrounds precinct. A contextual, site specific response has been achieved by using decking to protect the root system of the existing tree, allowing users to experience the full depth of the trees shade – improving pedestrian’s relationship with key historical elements in the precinct (the large existing trees). The design is organic in form mimicking the canopy of the tree above and in stark contrast to its industrial context. The authenticity that timber provides was important to the design rationale because of the historical context of the RNA precinct.


-27.4511087, 153.0323149


The ultrasound of the root system indicated that a random framing solution was required. The platform over the root system needed to be accessible for servicing of irrigation, and horticultural maintenance. A shallow change of height between the King Street pavement and the existing rootball meant that decking boards and joists had to be supported between bearers, which are expressed through to the surface. Dressed bearers were revealed to frame a checker board pattern of decking access panels. This alternate framing was employed to compress depth of framing so that decking surface finished flush to King Street pavement while providing servicing space below.

Steel framing was considered but discounted as the protective coating requirements of the steel did not provide the design flexibility of timber.

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