Ngarluma Elders Village

The use of timber is not only a sustainable choice of material, but provides a cultural familiarity for elders of the Ngarluma Aboriginal community.
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Ngarluma Elders Village
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Our careful selection of timber on the project is intended to address a cultural familiarity to the elders of the Ngarluma Aboriginal community, in North West Australia.

Externally, the use of Western Red Cedar on the studio outside gathering area, is designed to resemble the ‘windbreak’ found in a traditional aboriginal campfire community, familiar to the elders. The vertical timbers provide necessary shading to this semi outdoor gathering area whilst providing a warm backdrop.

The use of Marine Grade Hoop Pine plywood on the ceiling of the gathering area and studio was chosen for its robustness, while bringing in the familiar warmth of timber to these cultural spaces.

Internally, the use of solid timber benchtops in the houses introduces not only a familiar warm material to the interior, but also a robust one suitable for its intended use – traditionally a wooden carrying bowl was part and parcel of every family.

The selective use of timbers on this project not only introduces cultural meaning but also a sustainable choice of material for the project.



The use of Spotted Gum in the interiors of the houses, not only added warmth to this, but provided a robust finish suitable for its intended use.

The use of certified Hoop Pine Plywood Panelling for the ceiling, not only provided a sustainable approach to the project, but added a sense of welcome to the public areas framed by these.

Modwood, as a recycled timber product was used for the majority of fencing and auxiliary external enclosures. Austral Hoop Pine Plywood was extensively used for the ceiling of the studio and the gazebo area.

This project achieved sustainable outcome through its open plan living arrangement with direct connections to the land; large external openings to encourage cross ventilation; high set windows and ceilings for airflow; and use of Low VOV coatings. The houses achieved an 8.4 Star NATHERS energy rating.

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