Obolin CLT Sundial Sculpture

A sculptural sundial made from a single sheet of cross laminated timber (CLT).
Project Name
Obolin CLT Sun Dial, Art Omi Sculpture Park, by Steven Holl Architects
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1405 County Route 22
hent, NY
United States

Photographer Details
Steven Holl Architects


The conceptual framework for the piece was based on Holl’s notion that “the presence of light is the most fundamental connecting force of the universe.” 

42.3311718, -73.6724681


Obolin is essentially a subtracted cube, measuring 7 x 7 x 7 feet. 

The structure is a study in the use of subtraction with CLT. CLT is increasingly used as a material substitute for concrete in low- mid rise buildings, given its carbon positive characteristics, and strength to weight ratio. 

Steven Holl demonstrates the potential for the material in a wider range of applications, and with alternative techniques. Milling the panels back from a single piece showcases the potential for ‘carving’ the material into intricate forms. 

The subtractive and stacking technique used by Holl also allows the material to be seen in a different way. Not only is the interior of the sculpture entirely exposed CLT, but the way the sphere has been milled exposes the end grain of the panels as the hero finish. 

Obolin was locally fabricated from a single, 50 foot long sheet of CLT. The timber slab was cut, stack laminated and milled with a 7-axis robotic arm before being assembled on site. 

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