Thermowood House

This dwelling is entirely clad with dark thermowood, lending the project a stealthy and brooding presence.
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Thermowood House - a dark design
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Grażyna Grasa-Nowacka


We designed an all-black house to be built amid the trunks of a forest of birch trees. The dwelling is entirely clad with dark Thermowood, lending the project a stealthy and brooding presence. We sought to place the house between the trees, while ensuring maximum exposure to the sun. Internal spaces are organized accordingly, brightly and naturally lit.

The scheme is designed partly as a single-storey bungalow and partly as a two-storey building, with its height dependent on its function and position on the plot. The lower level contains the entrance, a bathroom, a utility room, and primary living accommodation, while above a loggia offers panoramic views of the surrounding fields and woods. The part of the house located on the west side—which is situated closer to the forest—includes the bedroom, bathroom, closet, pantry and the kitchen, which opens onto the dining room. This side of the house opens up towards a terrace on the south, which presents sweeping views across the forest floor.

Architect: Teź Architekci


The project is a kind of bungalow that changes in height depending on the configuration of the site. It comprises various spaces and environments, glimpses of which are provided through windows and a large glass surface that opens onto the terrace.

The dwelling is entirely clad with dark Thermowood, a product that is manufactured using only heat and steam with no chemicals used at all. The manufacturing process for Thermowood includes three phases of heat treatment and improves the stability and biological durability of wood, along with its insulation properties, with the high temperatures removing most of the resin from the raw material. This technology can be applied to common softwoods like pine and spruce, ultimately reducing the need for chemically-treated wood. Oil-based stain products protect the wood and its unique walnut colour against UV rays. Without any additional coating, the wood gets a grey patina that doesn’t affect its durability and could be preferable to some clients.

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