Wooden Skyscraper in Västerås

Scandinavian Architecture firm C.F Moller has created a sustainable and inviting model for multi-residential housing in Sweden.
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Wooden Skyscraper in Västerås, Sweden, by CF Moller
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Nikolaj Jakobsen


C.F Moller have just completed Sweden’s tallest timber building, which is beginning to accept its first tenants. The building is made of solid engineered timber, and is situated in Västerås, an hour from Stockholm. Those involved are positive the innovative building will be a landmark for the area and a benchmark for a sustainable future.

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All structural elements of the building, including walls, beams, balconies, lifts and stairwells, are made of cross-laminated timber. 

Each of the floors contains four units, which were assembled by a team of three craftsmen in just three days each. Prefabricating the panels allowed for extremely quick and precise assembly, while the use of mechanical joints and screws ensures the materials are able to be disassembled and re-used where required.  

The building was developed in close collaboration with Martinsons, Bjerking and Consto AB, with Slättö Förvaltning as the client.


The building is unique in the timber multi storey structure movement, in that the engineered timber is used as exterior cladding as well as structure. The CNC cut timber provides an air and water tight seal, that is naturally fire resistant and energy efficient. 

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