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This section of the course looks at the way timber is used in buildings. It recognises that there are many different expectations for the way materials need to perform in order to give satisfaction.

Performance is simply satisfying expectations, and there are many expectations of timber elements in buildings. Some of these expectations are compatible, and others seem mutually exclusive. It is the task of a designer to anticipate the expected performance and predict whether or not the element will achieve that performance.

Timber in Residential Construction

The Timber in Residential Construction module provides an introduction to the use of timber in residential; homes including the concept and nomenclature of timber framing. It provides a number of inspirational photos of domestic buildings to show different types of timber elements and the different performance expectations we have for all of them.

The timber frame construction interactive game challenges players to build a timber-framed building by correctly placing a selection of 27 separately named members.

Parts of the introduction to timber framing video have been used below — view the full video here.

Domestic houses are made of a number of timber components which are outlined in the modules below.

Suspended Timber Floor Construction

This module explains what suspended timber floors are and how they are constructed, including construction of the footings, subfloors, bearers, and joists.  It also looks at the construction of platform and fitted flooring and the advantages of suspended timber floors.  Two videos can also be run from the powerpoint providing they are downloaded and saved to the same folder as the presentation.  Alternatively they can be played independently of the presentation.

Timber Wall Framing

The construction of timber wall frames module provides an overview of wall framing including an explanation of framing members.  The module also covers framing materials, framing fabrication and framing erection.  The presentation also includes an embedded video which can be played if the video file is downloaded and saved to the same folder as the powerpoint presentation.  Alternatively the video can be played separately.

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Timber Cladding

The module on timber cladding is provided in 2 parts.  The overview presents the basic features of timber cladding, common weatherboard claddings as well as common sheet claddings and claddings that look like rendered masonry.  The second part is a more detailed look at timber cladding systems including installation and weather proofing.

Timber Roof Framing

Timber roof framing provides three presentations and one video.  The first presentation is an introduction to roofing concepts and roof framing which covers basic roof shapes, reading drawings, different roof lines.  The module also looks at generic approaches to roof framing, and the differences between pitched and truss roofs.  Roof loads are discusses as is bracing.
The timber pitched roof framing module covers basic concepts and coupled and non-coupled systems. The module also looks at the treatment of skillion, cathedral, gable, hip and valley and wide hip and valley roofs.
The timber trussed roof module addresses the approach of trusses and their use of axially loaded members.  It also provides a basic example of truss design along with joining triangles to make advanced designs.  The module also addresses truss joints using nail plates, truss terms and types and putting camber into trusses as well as clear spanning internal walls.

Multi Residential Timber Framed Construction (MRTFC)

A comprehensive look at multi residential timber framed construction is provided in the following set of presentations.

MRTFC Overview

The MRTFC overview module reviews this method of delivering cost-effective medium density housing. It builds on the work covered in the domestic module, and introduces performance aspects of party walls.

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What is Multi Residential Timber Framed Construction?

This module provides a brief introduction to MRTFC.  It includes two video presentations that can be played from within the powerpoint presentation providing the videos are downloaded and saved tot he same folder as the ppt file.  Alternatviely the videos can be watched separately.

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MRTFC and the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

This module introduces the basics of  the Building code of Australia and how MRTFC fits withing performance based requirements.  It also looks at issues of fire performance and fire resistance levels as well as concepts of sound performance.  The powerpoint presentation includes embedded videos that can be viewed by downloading and saving to the folder as the presentation or can be viewed separately.

MRTFC Framing Systems

This module covers the general framing requirements for Multi Residential Timber Framed Construction.  Specifically it deals with wall framing systems, floor/ceiling framing systems, continuity of systems and treatment of building services and additional issues.  The powerpoint presentation also has 3 videos embedded which can be viewed by downloading and saving to the same folder as the presentation or viewed independantly.

MRTFC Erection and Handling

This module covers issues with  the handling and erection of multi timber framed constructions.  Specifically it deals with the features of handling MRTFC, organising  framework deliveries, protecting timber during delivery and storage and  using cranage to lift frames.

Commercial Buildings

The commercial buildings module looks at the use of timber in commercial buildings from both a decorative view point and as a structural material. Many students are keen to see the possibilities for design of larger, higher budget structures such as the ones shown in this module.

Large span structures

The large span structures examines a number of iconic structures that demonstrate timber’s potential for achieving large spans. Most of these structures are overseas, but there are a number of examples in Australia that are featured here as well. Aside from looking at timber’s potential, the slides in this module also show that designers, constructors and suppliers must all work together to deliver very large projects like these.  Includes information on roof and portal frame systems.

Timber Bridges, Wharfs and Jetties

This module looks at the challenge of producing large span high load structures from the timber resources currently available today. There are a number of older road bridges in service around Australia, and these will need continued care and maintenance to keep providing their community service. The module also examines some more elegant modern timber bridges as well

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Timber and Interior Design

A comprehensive look at the many uses of timber in interior design is provided in the following set of presentations.

The Potential of Timber in Interior Design

This module provides an introduction to the uses of wood and timber in interior design through images.

The Visual Palette

This module discusses the elements that create woods visual palette and how it is graded to Australian standards.  It introduces the visual effects of different methods of sawing and discusses the four elements of appearance, colour, grain, feature and combination.  In addition is a PDF of the Visual Palette Reference.

Timber Floor Interiors

This timber flooring module looks at the different types of timber flooring and the visual effects they provide to an interior. It also covers issues for installation and finishing. In addition is a PDF of the Timber Floor Interiors reference which covers selection of materials, design, controlling moisture, installation, finishing and maintenance.

Interior Panels and Cladding

This module covers the main types of interior panels and claddings providing many beautiful photographed examples. Also provided is the PDF of Interior Panels Reference, which covers design options, installation and finishing.

Furniture and Joinery

This module provides a largely pictorial representation of timber furniture and joinery. It also provides more detailed information on the assembly of benches and cupboards.