Engineered Wood Products

Engineered wood products (also known as manufactured wood products) are able to span larger distances than sawn timber, act as sheets, have very consistent properties and performance and can be tailored for specific applications. It is clear that the future for larger timber buildings will involve a higher use of Engineered Wood Products (EWP).

Each of the topics under this section has one downloadable PowerPoint file that can be edited and used in your classes. Each file covers just one topic, so that you can choose the topics that are most relevant to your unit.

The main section of the Wood Solutions website offers general information that is suitable for students or professionals.

Introduction to Engineered Wood Products (EWP)

The introduction module presents the concept of manufacturing large timber elements from microscopic wood fibres, covering the manufacturing process and applications. The module has a number of photos of buildings that make use of manufactured wood products and introduces each of the other modules in this section.

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Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber)

This module looks at Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam). This is perhaps the oldest engineered wood product and has been used in many of the longest span timber structures in the world. The flexibility in form of this material makes it suitable for very graceful statements. The module details its production and gives some inspiration for its use in iconic and normal structures.

Further Glulam information for students can be found here.

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This module looks at perhaps the most versatile manufactured wood product. Plywood is a sheet element and can be used as a plate panel (flooring and formwork), as a bracing panel, as decorative lining, as a stressed skin or a cladding. Again the module presents manufacturing principles and some inspiration for its use.

Further Plywood information for students can be found here.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

This module presents information on Laminated Veneer Lumber. It has very consistent properties, can be produced in almost limitless lengths, and is a cost effective straight structural element. In many respects, LVL is replacing large cross section timbers traditionally used in medium span structures. The module contains information on its manufacture and some examples of its use.

Further LVL information for students can be found here.

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Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Oriented Strand Board has been manufactured and used in North America for decades, but Australian suppliers have only recently added it to their product list. Currently there is no powerpoint slide module for OSB, but you can find out more at woodsolutions.

Further information for students can be found here.

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Cross Laminated Timber

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a relatively new engineered wood for Australian construction. First developed in Switzerland in the 1970s, CLT is an extension of the technology that began with plywood and may be best described as a ‘jumbo plywood’. Currently there is not a PPT slide module for this product, but you can find out more information here or download the fact sheet.

Further information for students can be found here.

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Applications of Engineered Wood Products

Manufactured wood products are versatile, with many applications. Here is a collection of fact sheets highlighting some applications of engineered wood products.