EXPAN Technology – innovations in post-tension timber building – Andy Buchanan

EXPAN Technology – innovations in post-tension timber building

Andy Buchannan, Professor of Timber Design, University of Canterbury NZ & Research Director, Structural Timber Innovation Company (STIC)

Andy's main interest is multi-storey timber buildings, with additional expertise in earthquake engineering, fire safety and environmental impacts of timber and other materials.

This presentation looks at some of the remarkable results that have been achieved with EXPAN and examines its potential as an alternate building system.

For ease of viewing, the presentation has been edited to five parts.

Part One: Engineered Wood & EXPAN Solutions

Duration: 6:40 approx.

Andy explains engineered wood products (EWP) and the EXPAN system, including:

  • Quick Connect
  • multi-storey
  • timber/concrete composite floors
  • post tensioning


Part Two: Multi-storey Timber Buildings: Floors

Duration: 6:00 approx.

This presentation includes:

  • case studies
  • timber concrete composite (TCC) floors
  • prefabricated and cast in place floors


Part Three: Multi-storey Timber Buildings: Frames & Walls

Duration: 15:00 approx.

This presentation covers:

  • Pre stressed wood
  • Post-tensioned timber beams, frames and walls
  • EXPAN building


Part Four: The Advantages of EXPAN

Duration: 3:00 approx.

A concise discussion of the advantages of EXPAN.


Part Five: Rebuilding Christchurch

Duration: 2:00 approx.

An overview of some of the challenges and opportunities in rebuilding the earthquake devastated city.


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