Multi-residential CLT in Judenburg Austria

A mutli-residential apartment building in Judenburg, Austria
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Multi-residential CLT in Judenburg Austria
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Judenburg, Frauengasse is the first four-story wood structure in Austria to take advantage of innovative new technology, including panelised construction and pre-fabricated laminated balconies. 

The structure provides 22 apartments, ranging in size from 800-950 square feet, retail space at ground level and underground parking.

This type of housing is part of a new urban structure which was designed by MACK Architect(s) after winning an international competition.

The design provides an open and flexible infrastructure by combining groups of dwellings, public/private open spaces, and walking streets. A series of allotment gardens run through the middle of the development connecting the site to its immediate past - the farmland just outside the city. 

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