A Summer Sanctuary

The rooftop bar of the Corner Hotel, located in the heart of Richmond, is a summer sanctuary. The outside, open area is decked out with timber planters, seating and tables, all crafted using FSC certified new regrowth blackbutt timber. This creates a welcome contrast to the surrounding 'concrete forest' of the CBD. Perforated acoustic Atkar ceiling panels were used to assist with sound control, as well as blackbutt ceiling battens. A separate function room to the side has engineered blackbutt flooring, with a multi-wall clear panel roof, giving the feeling of being outside. The internal panelling of the function space is done with Lohas panels, an environemntally friendly timber based board which is sound absorbent, making it both aesthetically pleasing and practical for a private function room. The revamped rooftop has brought the well known, and loved, live music venue a diverse new crowd for a refreshing change of pace.



Floor System: Bearer and Joist, LVL. All timber sub floors were made from LVL timber.

Vertical Support or Wall System: Timber Framed. Wall systems were created completely using standard 90 x 45 glue laminate pine MGP stud.

Roof: The outside ceiling is made from battens. Battens are FSC certified new regrowth blackbutt sourced from Northern NSW. Roof frame is LVL blackbutt LVL.

Floor: Barrington Coastal engineered flooring in blackbutt 180x14.2 

Interior Panelling: Atkar Au.diPanels, perforated blackbutt with veneer to face. Lohas wood wool cement board used for internal ceiling lining for its environmentally friendly and sound absorbent qualities. 

Architrave: KD Hardwood architraves.

Joinery and Cabinetry: FSC certified new regrowth blackbutt timber used for ceiling joinery, seats, tables and planters spotted gum veneer-cabin panels.

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