Taking a Stand

The key brief was for a 6m x 6m space at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, providing a creative solution and simple design to provide a backdrop for Curious Grace's items. The display played an important role in unveiling Curious Grace's new exclusive line. Curious Grace specialises in modern and contemporary furniture, featuring quality brands and designers – the main challenge was to create an architectural installation without competing with the items on display. .

The stand design needed to be an architectural installation on it's own, free standing, with its own lighting solution.

'To frame the space with minimal moves' was the approach. Seven timber portal frames were used to loosely suggest the extent of the 6x6 space/volume. 
The stand design complimented the Gazzda furniture but was distinctly different. The design was pared back as much as possible so it didnn't compete with the furniture. Minimal material, honest construction and simple assembly reflecting the 'temporariness' of the event. 

We wanted the items to be viewed 360 degrees as their backs are equally beautiful as the front. Hence, more circulation space was required. We borrowed space outside the stand by positioning the furniture in places where people could approach them from all directions, walk around them, moving in and out of the stand. 

The portal frames provided support from lighting (hanging lights and concealing powerboards in the core), while the signage board with the cord detail was a nod to the Gazzda design. The dressed pine was chosen as a material that could be taken apart and recycled/reused.

Anna, owner and the create director of Curious Grace, provided clear directions and valuable feedback throughout the concept design and detailing process, which made the final result as good as it could be.

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