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A small book in size though not in length, Wooden Homes is a simple yet charming celebration of houses, structures and furniture built from timber.

Wood: Architecture and Design favours quantity over depth, giving a brief overview of 58 structures from around the world that use wood as an integral design element.

Wood at Home from Beta-Plus is a book centred around the visual, showing open houses from in and around Belgium that showcase the many ways in which timber can add atmosphere to a house.

There are few things more captivating than a new world being unfolded to you by an expert in their field, and Wood and Wood Joints by Klaus Zwerger is exactly that.

Coming from the highly proficient publisher of Braun in 2008, Touch Wood examines a wide spectrum of the contemporary architectural industry.

Timber in the City: Design and construction in mass timber is an architectural book that looks at not just the design of a building, but the design of a community.

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