Environmental Characteristics of Timber

Timber’s Environmental Characteristics

This topic introduces timber and wood products’ environmental characteristics, describes their potential contribution to sustainable development and compares them with those of major materials. As forestry practise can have significant impacts on the forest’s renewability and other impacts, the benefits and limits of forest and chain-of-custody certification are discussed. The contents include:

Timber’s environmental edge
This compares the impacts of timber with those of other major materials

Timber and a low carbon economy
This talks about carbon storage in forests and buildings

Forest and chain-of-custody certification
A look at forest and chain-of-custody certification

This course has 1 video module:

VIDEO: Timber’s Environmental Characteristics

Length: 4:59

Completing the learning resources in this topic can help you understand: the environmental impacts of buildings and building materials, the comparative advantages of timber and the basic and operation of certification.