Timber Engineering

This series of Timber Engineering courses intends to upskill engineers in design of buildings constructed using timber. Presenters Jon Shanks and Geoff Boughton from TimberED Services developed and delivered a series of six Timber Engineering webinars in mid 2020. The content for these Campus courses is based on the recorded webinars.
a close-up of a wooden structure

Timber Inspection

This 7 video module course introduces Australian Standards and the process of inspecting and certifying timber for house construction
a close-up of a wood beam

Timber and Wood Products

An overview of products, their manufacture and major applications areas, generally available sizes and major standards controlling their manufacture or use
a building with many balconies

Introduction to Building Regulations and Standards

Most aspects of building are regulated. This course will help you understand how regulations and standards affect how timber is produced, specified and supplied for use in buildings in two key areas: timber product standards and building regulations
a long shot of a river

Design for Durability

This topic introduces the key wood properties that influence timber’s performance when it is exposed to hazards
a building under construction with blue tarp

Managing Timber's Moisture Content

This topic introduces you to things you need to know to determine an appropriate MC for timber in applications and handle and store timber and wood products to maintain that moisture content
a building with glass walls and trees

Design for Bushfire

This topic introduces you to things you need to know for building in bushfire areas. It will help you choose and specify appropriate timber and wood products
a stack of wooden pallets

Timber Grades and Grading

This topic introduces you to major grading methods, the structure and application of grades in industry, and their regulation through standards
a house with a wooden staircase

Environmental Characteristics of Timber

This topic introduces timber and wood products’ environmental characteristics, describes their potential contribution to sustainable development and compares them with those of major materials. As forestry practise can have significant impacts on the forest’s renewability and other impacts, the benefits and limits of forest and chain-of-custody certification are discussed.