a building with a blue sky

Architecture & Building Design

Architecture and building design courses have always delivered a wide range of timber content, from inspirational architectural form and exemplary project design to the practicalities of residential timber construction and material selection. As courses differ in how they approach content delivery, many of the resources are general in their presentation.

a man standing on a building

Building & Construction

Building and construction courses have a broad practical focus, of which timber is usually a major element.  A significant proportion of WoodSolutions resources, covering material choice, construction approaches and internal fit-out opportunities, are useful to lecturers and teachers of building and construction.

a close-up of a wood piece

Carpentry & Joinery

Carpentry and joinery courses have a strong focus on timber with a major emphasis on the practical and theoretical aspects of residential timber construction and fit-out. These resources have been develope in conjunction with carpentry and joinery teachers.

a diagram of a wood beam

Drafting, Building Surveying, Built Environment

Advanced building related courses such as architectural drafting, building surveying and built environment have a strong focus on timber related subjects, particularly the practical and theoretical aspects of residential timber construction and fit-out, and low to medium-rise commercial structures.

a close-up of a metal structure


Engineering courses are a key focus of the timber industry’s educational program, with the aim of assisting structural lecturers to teach the concepts of timber engineering, and materials lecturers to present the benefits of wood.