Managing Timber's Moisture Content

Poor moisture content (MC) control generates significant problems for timber producers and distributors and loss for timber uses, especially in appearance applications. This topic introduces you to things you need to know to determine an appropriate MC for timber in applications and handle and store timber and wood products to maintain that moisture content.

The topic contents explain:

  • Wood and water relationships. This outlines how the amount of moisture in timber and wood products will changes in the tree, in production and  distribution and in service. 

  • Measuring timber’s moisture content. This can be done either directly or by using a meter to measure a characteristic of the wood that relates to its moisture content, such as its electrical resistance. The benefits and constraints of each process is described. 

  • Managing timber’s moisture content in the supply chain. This includes approaches in MC control in the, in the timber store, in dispatch or receipt to the store, and in transport.

Completing the material in these areas will help you understand: 

  • How water and wood interrelate with each other during production and services

  • Means of determining the MC of timber efficiently and reliably

  • Approaches to storing and handling timber in the supply chain to maintain the timber’s moisture content at a level suitable for customers

Completing the learning resource in this topic can improve the way you choose or specify the most appropriate timber for the application. 

This course has 1 video module

VIDEO: Managing Moisture Content: A Getting Started Guide

Length: 5:42

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