Timber and Wood Products

Many types of timber and wood products can be recovered from trees. In a well-balanced industry, everything from the log can be used in some way. This topic provides an overview of the types of products available, their manufacture and major applications areas, the generally available sizes and the major standards controlling their manufacture or use. The topic contents are split into three areas: 

  • Product overview: This provides necessary background on timber products in general and the ways in which they are manufactured

  • Basic products: This covers the production and use of round timbers, sawn boards, veneered based products, and boards and billets made from strands, particles and fibres 

  • Assembled products: This includes glue laminated and nail-plated products

There is one video module in this course:

VIDEO: Getting Started Guide: Timber and Wood Products

Length: 5:44

Completing the material in these areas will help you understand the diversity of timber products available to satisfy your customer’s requirements, and the major differences between these products.

If you successfully complete one or more of the Assessments, you will earn a WoodSolutions Knowledge Certificate. It can also provide pathways through to further education and training. Find out more about these pathways at WoodSolutions Campus Pathways.