Timber and Wood Properties

This topic introduces you to things you need to know about timber and wood properties.

The topic contents explain: 

  • The types of wood - this covers the character of the material found in the stem of the tree and recovered to form the resources of timber products
  • Wood’s structural and visual characteristics
  • Properties that influence other applications - this affects how timber performs in different applications, properies include; density, hardness and fire resistance

Completing the learning resources in this topic can help you understand: the different types of wood used in products and how it can change between parts of the stem and between species; the way that wood’s character can influence the material’s strength and visual appeal; and key aspects of the material that influence its performance in building design and a range of other applications. 

This course has one video module:

VIDEO: Getting Started Guide: Timber and Wood Properties

Length: 5:27

It can also provide pathways through to further education and training. Find out more about these pathways at WoodSolutions Campus Pathways.