Interest in timber structures is growing internationally. This series of Timber Engineering WoodSolutions Campus courses intends to upskill engineers in design of buildings constructed using timber. The courses provide a fundamental background in timber engineering and then focus on the engineering design of three structural systems – timber-frame, mass-timber, and post and beam. The course is suitable for structural engineers and designers. It covers a range of topics; from wood products to lateral stability systems. This is a relatively brief series of courses and can therefore only cover a broad overview of timber engineering. In order to facilitate follow-up learning, the presenters provide references throughout the course to further sources of information and design details.

Presenters Jon Shanks and Geoff Boughton from TimberED Services developed and delivered a series of six Timber Engineering webinars with Timber Insight in mid 2020. The content for these Campus courses is based on those recorded webinars. Each session in the course uses a combination of presentation slides and embedded video clips showing experiments and props to explain key concepts. Jon and Geoff’s delivery of the content is shown throughout in a thumbnail added into the videos to provide context, discussion, and additional explanation and information using extra props. 

By completing this series of courses, engineers and design professionals will be equipped with an understanding of the key considerations for timber engineering design and be well-placed to identify topics they need to research further to continue to grow their skills in timber engineering. 

The six-part series of courses consists of:

Course 1 - Wood products, timber properties, and grading

Topic 1: Wood fibre properties and the impact of moisture

Topic 2: Wood products 

Topic 3: Grading and specification

Course 2 - Engineering design to AS1720.1 and alternative methods

Topic 1 - AS 1720.1 Capacity factor and k factors

Topic 2 - Design of tension and compression members

Topic 3 - Strength of bending members

Topic 4 - Deflection of bending members

Topic 5 - Floor dynamics

Topic 6 - Design of cross-laminated timber

Course 3 - Whole of building performance

Topic 1 - Performance requirements

Topic 2 - Vertical load paths and building movement

Topic 3 - Lateral load paths

Topic 4 - Diaphragms

Topic 5 - Interfaces

Course 4 - System focus 1 – Timber-framed construction

Topic 1 - Framing principles & strategies

Topic 2 - Floor design

Topic 3 - Stud design

Topic 4 - Lateral systems

Course 5 - System focus 2 – Cross-laminated timber (CLT) and other mass-timber construction

Topic 1 - Principles of mass-timber

Topic 2 - Design strategies

Topic 3 - Floor design

Topic 4 - Wall design

Topic 5 - Lateral systems

Course 6 - System focus 3 – Post & beam and hybrid construction

Topic 1 - Principles of post & beam construction

Topic 2 - Design strategies

Topic 3 - Floor design

Topic 4 - Column design and interfaces

Topic 5 - Lateral systems