Timber Grades and Grading

Grading allows the diverse output generated from wood’s natural variability and its many processing options needs to be sorted into reliable groups suitable for market applications. This topic introduces you to major grading methods, the structure and application of grades in industry, and their regulation through standards.

The topic contents are split into two areas: 

  •  Grading basics: This outlines the need to grade product recovered from a natural resource and the major grading methods employed.

  •  Grades and grading for market applications: This covers the major grading requirements for structural and appearance applications

This course has 1 video module:

VIDEO: Timber Gades and Grading: A Getting Started Guide

Length: 4:43

Completing the learning resources in this topic can help you understand: how timber is graded; the grading schemes used for different products types in appearance and structural applications; and the link between grades and compliance with building regulations.

If you successfully complete one or more of the Assessments, you will earn a WoodSolutions Knowledge Certificate. It can also provide pathways through to further education and training. Find out more about these pathways at WoodSolutions Campus Pathways.