AS 1684 User Guide 3 - Simplified tie-downs

AS 1684.2 clause 9.6.1 states that "continuity of tie-down shall be provided from the roof sheeting to the foundations". For pitched coupled roofs, where there is net uplift that cannot be resisted by nominal nailing alone, the code requires specific tie-down fixings be installed. 


This section contains the following resource:

User Guide 3: Simplified tie-down details for coupled roofs N1 and N2 sheet roofs and N3 tile roofs - simplified tie-down details are provided for coupled roofs where nominal nailing alone is not adequate to resist the net uplift on the roof. This includes simplified details for a limited range of building spans and member and tie-down spacings. This guide only covers N1 & N2 sheet roofs and N3 tile roofs. 

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