a wood structure with a square frame

Linear Formations

Linear Formations is a series of timber pavilions located in the sculpture courtyard of the UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building. The structures were built annually between 2019 and 2021.
Kunama Townhouses

Kunama Townhouses

Kunama Townhouses utilise mass timber and bathroom pods to create beautiful and resilient short term accommodation in Australia’s high country.


In response to the need to reduce the size of new Australian homes and their impact on the climate crisis, beaCHalet offers a small, simple, smart approach to retrofitting.
a metal sculpture with a curved design

Flex Maps 2

Flex Maps 2 uses the shared ground of design, geometric processing, simulation and digital fabrication to demonstrate a sustainable and decarbonised building culture- all using Australian timber.
a building in the woods

Grampians Peaks Trail Stage Two

The Grampians Peaks Trail (GPT) Stage Two offers a world-class hiking experience over the pristine Gariwerd wilderness, traversing the lands of three traditional owners.
a woman standing in a room with a window

The Hütt 01 PassivHaus

The Hütt 01 PassivHaus is an inspiring contemporary home, balancing retro aesthetics with contemporary timber construction.
a wooden building with a table and chairs

Minima Prefab Tiny House

A modular home by Trias Studio Architects and developers Fabprefab delivers architectural quality from a prefabricated workflow.
a wooden structure with curved walls

Interchange Pavilion

‘Interchange Pavilion’ is a literal and metaphorical crossing of paths, inspired by the ‘railroad switch’, which nods to the site's history as a rail yard.
a staircase with a metal cage

LNCH-CLT Minihouse

LNCH Minihouse exemplifies the use of engineered timber in small scale residential projects as a sustainable and economically viable alternative.
a group of people in a room with a group of people walking around

Suspended Remnants

A collaboration between two university architecture and engineering departments exemplifies a potential use for short structural timber lengths, deemed unusable for typical construction.

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