Green Velvet

Exposed grey ironbark framing creates a rhythmic and hardy facade for a coastal dwelling.

Garden House

An Edwardian cottage in Fitzroy juxtaposes a traditional home with a contemporary, exposed timber extension.

Breezeway House

Breezeway House is a home that celebrates its sense of place - a backdrop for the formation of memories of Australian beachside holidays.

Uncovered Cabin

An exposed internal frame becomes the hero design element of this small timber cabin in the Netherlands, by Crafted Works.

Über Shed 2

The Über Shed 2 is an upgrade to an existing “off the shelf” steel shed, marrying the utility of an Aussie shed with the beauty of timber lining and detailing.

Union House

A vibrant family home in Brunswick seamlessly mixes mass timber construction with a rich palette of materials and textures.

CLT House

A multigenerational family home has been given a new life with an extension built primarily from emerging cross laminated timber (CLT) technology.

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