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WoodSolutions Seminar: Innovations in Engineered Wood Construction

The interest in engineered wood construction continues to take the world by storm, and Australia punches well above its weight in terms of innovation, new product/system development, off-site manufacturing, design creativeness, and the delivery of amazingly beautiful projects. 

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How to Achieve the Triple Bottom Line: Case Studies

Architects, engineers, developers, builders and everyone else involved in a project from start to finish all play a critical role in shaping our built environment, and their decisions have a profound impact on people's lives and the planet. Building with wood is not a new concept, but it's gaining momentum as we seek sustainable, healthy, and cost-effective solutions for our cities.
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AILA and WoodSolutions Webinar Series

AILA and WoodSolutions have teamed up to co-host a 5-part webinar series focussing specifically on landscape architects and their use and specification of wood products. Featuring industry expert speakers, we cover a range of key topics including timber as a resource and its positive carbon benefits in a zero-emissions future world.

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WoodSolutions InFocus

WoodSolutions InFocus videos bring you new insights and information about Australia's forest and wood products industry and the range of products and services it offers.

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2019 ATDA Winners - by their creators. MEL Dec

The 2019 Australia Timber Design Awards celebrated their 20th year with an outstanding range of winners. In this seminar, held in Melbourne on December 5th, some of the winners presented their work.
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Structural Solutions for Timber - Adelaide August 2019

Australia is currently experiencing a resurgence in the use of timber as an engineered product, from residential housing through to mid-rise construction. As a result, our understanding of the structural design process is expanding, and engineers are increasingly interested in the new technologies that are available.

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