Installation Guides

Timber products are popular with designers and builders due to the combination of aesthetics and versatility in application that timber provides. When correctly installed, timber products are both durable and reliable in function.

A series of installation guides have been produced to provide designers with an understanding of planning requirements when using timber in construction and offer installers information that ensures correct installation to maximise the service life of the products.

This section contains the following resources:

  • #8 Stairs, balustrades and handrails class 1 Buildings - construction - this guide covers construction of timber stairs with straight flights, with or without risers, for external and internal use and balustrades. 
  • #9 Timber flooring - design guide for installation - provides information about installing solid timber strip flooring over bearers and joists, timber-based sheet flooring products and concrete slabs.
  • #10 Timber windows and doors - a comprehensive guide to designing and specifying timber windows and doors.
  • Timber in Buildings - Internal fit-out - this publication summarises the BCA Deemed to Satisfy provisions with respect to timber for the various building elements within each building classification.
  • EWPAA Structural Plywood & LVL Design Manual (with worked examples) - this manual has been compiled for practitioners inexperienced in the use of plywood and LVL as a structural material. The worked examples provide guidance and encourage further, more innovative use of these engineered materials.

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