a bench and table on a white square box

Cascade Furniture Series

Cascade is a new range of furniture by Young Furniture Studios, which explores the properties and textural qualities of a variety of Australian hardwoods in the designs.
a table with bottles of alcohol on it

The Magic Box

The Magic Box is an artisanal, transformative display case designed to adapt to different tasting sessions as it gets set to embark on a global tour.
a room with tables and stools

Oak REDefined

The American Hardwoods Export Council (AHEC) commissioned a one day installation at Denfair, showcasing the design diversity of American Red Oak.
a couch in a room

Nomad Flatpack Furniture

Henning Stummel Architects have set about reinventing flat pack furniture with their new range, which seeks to minimise waste, showing at the London Design Festival.
a room with a table and chairs and a chandelier

Freshwater Dining Table

This table responds to an existing curved building façade. The table top is finished to a narrow profile and appears to float freely from three legs. The classic components of traditional timber-turning verge on decorative but are simplified by their precise lines and repetition.
a room with a table and chairs

Artful Interiors for Port Officers House

The collection of timber furniture and joinery pieces created for Port Officers House use sustainable local timbers to purposefully connect the arts with contemporary timber detailing and manufacturing.
a brown table with a curved base

London Calling

Commissioned by a couple in London, the designer overcame distance and logistics to produce a long lasting and beautiful piece of furniture. The natural character and beauty of the macassar ebony is showcased, and the sound environmental use of sustainably harvested products is championed.

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