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The Ultimate Renewable™ is an industry campaign to promote the sustainability and environmental advantages of Australian forestry and wood products.

As environmental issues become increasingly important to Australian businesses and consumers, it is important that the forest and wood products industry unites behind a single, strong environmental brand - The Ultimate Renewable™.

Chosen after an extensive research process involving both industry members and consumers, The Ultimate Renewable™ positions the industry as bringing benefits to the environment and tackling climate change.

Variations of the logo have been created for use by different sectors. Located on The Ultimate Renewable™ website zipped folders containing the logos in different formats (pdf, eps(black), eps(CMYK), jpg, png) and a copy of the Usage Guide are available for download upon registration.

Please follow the instructions in the Guide when using the logos or writing about The Ultimate Renewable™.

Click here to go to The Ultimate Renewable™ website to register and download logos.

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