Environmental Credentials

Carbon storage

For the environmentally conscious architect, engineer or building professional, timber is a logical choice. With the ability to store carbon for its entire service life, using sustainably sourced timber can help tackle climate change and transition to a low carbon economy.

Life Cycle Analysis

A life cycle analysis measures the environmental impacts of building products throughout their life. By providing a standard way of comparing building products, it helps building professionals make informed and environmentally conscious decisions.

Low embodied energy

When compared against other common building material alternatives, timber's low embodied energy is another reason why choosing timber is a positive choice for our environment.

Maximise Green Star Ratings

The Green Star Energy Rating system has accelerated industry focus on sustainable design and development. Using timber can help maximise green star credits.

Recycling and wood waste

In the timber industry rarely is there such a thing as a wasted piece of wood. Learn here about some of the more unique and innovative uses of timber waste and offcuts.

The Ultimate Renewable™ Resources

The Ultimate Renewable™ is an industry campaign to promote the sustainability and environmental advantages of Australian forestry and wood products.

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